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This is our default landing page for the OxWil Network and all OxWil managed domains. Interested in web hosting, design or email, please visit www.oxwil.com.

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About OxWil


About the OxWil Network.

The OxWil Network offers web hosting, email hosting, DNS, and other networking services for small start up companies. We have multiple servers and expanding based on need. We are also looking into diversifying our network across the country. If you are interested in becoming a client, please click on the discover button below to learn more.


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Email Setup


How to Setup your Email

Your setup information is below.


Your Username and Password would have been provided to you in email or text.  Please refer to the message for login information.



It is strongly recommended you change your password and set up recovery options such as password retrieval questions.


To change your password go to: https://smtp.yourowndomain.com:7443/cgi/user.cgi    Once you are logged in: Set a password retrieval question, click on PASSWORD selection on the left panel.


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Network Status


How is our Network doing?

To get a live view of our network status, please click on the link below. This is a status of our network from the last 7 days to present.


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